Cable Installation & Testing

Turbo IT provides:

  • Network Cable installation
  • Network Cable Testing and Certification service
  • Data Center Build-Outs
  • Renovations
  • Relocations
  • Point of Sale OS Cabling
  • Conference Room Cabling
  • Call Centers
  • VOIP Phone Cabling and
  • Wi-Fi – Wired Access Points

Our cabling systems are installed to match industry performance standards. These standards ensure that your network cabling can accommodate the bandwidth requirements of today’s networks while allowing you to prepare for tomorrow’s faster technologies.

At Turbo IT, we ensure that all components of your cabling system are rated for high performance. This includes the cable, modular connectors, and patch panels. Our technicians will ensure that the installation of all components meets the recognized standards of the TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association).

We understand that testing and certification are crucial steps to any cable installation. Cable certification requires specialized testing equipment. Every cable and connector that we install is scanned, and you are provided with a printed report verifying compliance with industry standards.

We live in a world that expects continually faster and more efficient network capabilities. As such, Ethernet transmission speeds continue to “push the envelope” of any cabling system.

It is critical that all components of your cable system be thoroughly tested to confirm that they are reaching their full potential. Simply “plugging” the network equipment together and verifying that it “works” is not enough.

It is inevitable that the demands of your current system will change, and proper certification is especially important to prevent expensive upgrades to your cabling system when upgrading to faster networking technologies in the future.

Accept nothing less than the best in your cable installation services. Let Turbo IT assist with your cable installation services. Contact us for your custom quote today.

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