Wi-Fi Networks


Entertainment Wi-Fi Networks

Living in an increasingly digital age places high demands on entertainment venues of all kinds. Your guests expect to be connected. Providing a strong, fast Wi-Fi Network will keep your guests not only connected to their worlds but also serves to better connect them with your specific organization.

A fast and efficient Wi-Fi network will take your guest’s experience to the next level in satisfaction. Not only will Wi-Fi keep your guests coming back, it serves as an additional feature to offer in your range of guest amenities.

Turbo IT can provide high user density Wi-Fi networks to stadiums, golf courses, theme parks, and other entertainment venues. We can provide a Wi-Fi Network that meets the growing demands of your clientele. Ultimately, the faster your network, the happier your guest. Our Wi-Fi network configurations ensure that as your business grows, so will your networking capacities

Retail WIFI Networks

Before your customer steps foot in your store, chances are that they may have been researching their planned purchases and comparing prices. Once inside your store, they may be comparing prices, and sometimes even purchasing online from your competitors.  Using a Retail Wi-Fi Network can encourage your consumer to interface with your brand, rather than another retailer.

Consumers want to access through their mobile devices. Connected customers tend to look around longer and purchase more products. Once they are logged into your retail Wi-Fi hotspot, you will be able to detect when a customer is in your store. This creates an opportunity to advertise live within a virtual capacity. Once potentials customers are logged into your network, you can advertise and draw people into the store by using targeted advertising.

Customers in your store looking for a particular item will have instant access to price, product specification, and reviews within the palm of their hand. In granting them access to your Wi-Fi network, you are extending a sort of “virtual help option” that ensures their questions are answered without hassle or wait on their end.

Turbo IT will provide the Retail Wi-Fi Network to meet the demands of your customer. Our Wi-Fi network configurations ensure that as your business grows, so will your networking capacities.

Hospitality Wi-Fi Networks

Wi-Fi will keep your guests coming back. Whether they are traveling for business or pleasure, your clientele expect to stay connected.

Fast and constant Wi-Fi is the #1 requested amenity from guests around the world in all sectors of the hospitality industry.

Subsequently, Wi-Fi concerns are the most common complaint amongst guests. Providing a fast and efficient Wi-Fi network for your guests will add to your existing service and amenities, taking your business to the next level in guest satisfaction. Your guests expect that they will have fast and convenient Wi-Fi access wherever they choose to stay.

However, travelers are bringing more devices with them everywhere they go and providing an excellent guest experience can be challenging. That’s where we come in.

Turbo IT will create a Wi-Fi Network that meets the growing demands of your clientele. Whether a hotel, bar or coffee shop, your guests will appreciate that you have provided a Wi-Fi hotspot to meet all of their internet needs. Our Wi-Fi network configurations ensure that as your business grows so will your networking capacities.

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